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LinkWorld Integrated Solutions was founded in 2007 by a dynamic group of professionals who were propelled by the desire to provide competitive, cost effective and innovative technology solutions in United States, Canada and other selected countries.
The founding team possesses a combined total of over 70 years of rich and varied business and technology experience. This, coupled with an extensive network of contacts in the USA, Canda and Others has enabled LinkWorld to effectively compete and provide needed solutions to her leading edge line of customers.

Our vision from inception is to be an effective and efficient service provider cut out for excellence. Even though our offices are situated in Arlington, TX we have envisioned our services spreading across the globe, and are growing aggressively in this regard.  Through our in-house resources and our network of partners we are able to provide global business solutions that are able to meet the growing needs of dynamic business environments in different continents.

Our mission is to use our rich resource base of well grounded, seasoned professionals and our growing network of partners to provide comprehensive, cost effective, and innovative global business solutions to medium-sized and large organizations all over the world.
Well chosen partnerships which can bring unique business value to our customers are an essential part of fulfilling our mission.
Our determination on every commission is to provide at our service locations the mark of excellence coupled with robust return on investment.