Think IT Solution Think LinkWorld

Our services are basically designed to provide comprehensive and integrated IT solutions to organizations cutting costs, building growth platforms, or seeking unique solutions to well-defined problems.

From a technological perspective we have delivered best-in-class solutions in several areas of voice and data processing, systems management, and network management. These solutions have cut across the entire spectrum: in-house, B2B, B2C, and public sector.

LinkWorld achieves this through a highly rigorous customer-centric approach to problem definition and project management, supported by active and consistent efforts in identifying world-class service delivery partners in our targeted geographies.

Our focus is to keep operational productivity high and provide the business with quantifiable gains in cost reduction, revenue enhancement, or staff productivity.

Based on our experience and pedigree, we believe we are uniquely positioned to empower any organization globally, with special emphasis on United States, Canada and other selected countries in Europe and Africa

While we do not claim monopoly of expertise, we at LinkWorld are uniquely positioned to provide various lines of products, services and solutions because of the rich background of our professionals our diverse network of partners across North America, Europe and Africa.

Please find listed below our main services/solutions
• Installations
• Local & International IT Supplies & Procurement
• Back & Front Ends Server Solutions.
• Product Platform Support (Electronic Banking, Telecoms, etc)
• System Auditing
• IT Outsourcing – Support services, Helpdesk, Mainframes, etc

Our Approach
We focus on cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and staff productivity improvement.
Our approach is not only efficient but also effective as we work closely with the customer from problem definition to go-live. We respond to customer requirements with global business solutions in mind and build in room for growth and systems expansion.
By utilizing the experience of our core of professional associates from various business backgrounds we are able to lower cost by taking advantage of technological solutions prescribed, using less staff and still meet the production schedule. Not only is our approach state-of-the-art and responsive, it is also scalable and reliable. Our proven reliability means that you can count on us to deliver continuity of operations no matter what the circumstances.

At LinkWorld we endeavor to provide solutions that will not only integrate into the customer’s technical environment seamlessly, but can also themselves become revenue-earning platforms. Our solution balances up-front investment against long-term operating costs and revenue potential to achieve the best overall value.